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Born in 1968, Arve Henriksen studied at the Trondheim Conservatory from 1987-1991, and has worked as a freelance musician since 1989.

He has worked with many musicians familiar to ECM listeners, including Jon Balke (with whose Magnetic North Orchestra he has played extensively), David Sylvian, Anders Jormin, Edward Vesala, Jon Hassell, Jon Christensen, Jan Bang, Marilyn Mazur, Djvan Gasparian, Audun Kleive, Nils Petter Molvær, Misha Alperin, Arkady Shilkloper, Arild Andersen, Stian Carstensen, Dhafer Youssef, Hope Sanduval, Imogen Heap, Kate Havnevik, the Cikada String Quartet, The Source and more. He has played in a wide spectre of contexts, ranging from working with koto player Satsuki Odamura, to the rock band Motorpsycho via numerous free improvising groups with Ernst Reisiger, Sten Sandell, Peter Friis-Nilsen, Lotte Anker, Terje Isungset, Marc Ducret ,Karl Seglem et cetera.He has also worked with London Sinfonietta, Norwegian Wind Ensemble, Bodø Sinfonietta, Deutsche Kammerphilarmonie Bremen and Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra performing music of Peter Tornquist. Today he is working with Supersilent, Christian Wallumrød Ensemble and Trygve Seim Ensemble.

He has composed music to Bale Jazz, Vossa Jazz, “My own private furry” (dance performance) and to “FRED” (theatre performance). He was «artist in residence» at Moers Jazzfestival 2006. He has been a part of the European Jazz Launch project 2004-2006.

He has received Radka Toneffs Minnepris and Norsk Jazzforums Buddy Award, nominated to Nordisk Råds musikkpris in 2009 and also to European Jazz musician of the year 2009. He was the “artist in residence” at Molde Jazz Festival 2009. He has a long discography counting over 110 records. He will receive the Paul Acket Award at North Sea Jazz Festival this Summer.



“Cartography” ECM Records 2008.

Also available on Vinyl 2011

“Strjon” Rune Grammofon 2007

“Chiaroscuro” Rune Grammofon 2004

“Sakuteiki” Rune Grammofon 2001

with Elling Vanberg
Ellivan” NORCD 2009

as Supersilent

“11” (only vinyl) Rune Grammofon 2010
“10” Rune Grammofon 2010
“9” Rune Grammofon 2009
“8” Rune Grammofon 2007
“7” [live DVD] Rune Grammofon 2005
“6” Rune Grammofon 2003
“5” Rune Grammofon 2001
“4” Rune Grammofon 1998
“1-3” Rune Grammofon 1997

as Veslefrekk
“Valse Mysterioso” NORCD 2004
“Veslefrekk” NORCD 1994

with Christian Wallumrød Ensemble
“The Zoo Is Far” ECM 2007
“A Year From Easter” ECM 2005
“Sofienberg Variations” ECM 2003
“No Birch” ECM 1998

with Trygve Seim Ensemble
“Sangam” ECM 2004
“Different Rivers” ECM 2000

with David Sylvian
“When Loud Weather Buffeted Naoshima” Samadhisound 2007
Nine Horses “Snow Borne Sorrow” Samadhisound 2005

as Food
“Last Supper” Rune Grammofon 2004
“Veggie” Rune Grammofon 2002
“Organic And GM Food” Feral 2001
“Food” Feral 1999

with Jon Balke Magnetic North Orchestra
“Kyanos” ECM 2002
“Solarized” Sonet/Emercy 1999

with Audun Kleive Generator X
“Ohmagoddabl” Jazzland 2004
“Generator X” Jazzland 2000

Recent releases:

På Gyllen Grunn (KKV) with Anita Skorgan, Eivind Aarset, Rolf Lislevann and Helge A. Norbakken

Clinamen (Off )with Giovanni Di Domenico and Tatsuhisa Yamamoto

V/A “Twenty Centuries of Stony Sleep” (Rune Grammofon)
w/ Supersilent
>> Rune Grammofon > CD / LP / 
limited BOX set 
(incl. Supersilent “100” live LP)

Supersilent “10” (CD is out now, vinyl will follow)
>> Rune Grammofon

Supersilent “11” (vinyl only)
>> Rune Grammofon

Enrico Coniglio “Salicornie: Topofonie Vol. 2” (Psychonavigation Records)
>> Psychonavigation Records

Odd Nordstoga “November” (Universal Norway)
>> Odd Nordstoga

David Sylvian “Sleepwalkers” (Samadhi Sound)
>> David Sylvian / Samadhi Sound / Samadhi Sound Facebook page

Jan Bang “… And Poppies from Kandahar” (Samadhi Sound)
>> Samadhi Sound

Toshimaru Nakamura “Egrets” (Samadhi Sound)
>> Samadhi Sound

Dreams of Tall Buildings “Rope parts I, II & III & Drawing the Heart Sound” (MuseuM)
>> Dreams of Tall Buildings

Other releases:

123theband “Arve” Microbe 2010       http://www.mikropgramofon.com

Ida Lind and Per Eriksen “Beginner’s Mind” PS Music 2009

Imogen Heap “Ellipse” Sony 2009
Binary Orchid “Radioactivety” Rat Records 2009
The Norwegian Wind Ensemble “One Night At The Opera” DVD 2009

Barbara Buchholz “Moonstruck” Schott Music & Media 2008

Enrico Coniglio “Areavirus: Topofonie Vol. 1” PsychoNavigation 2007
The Norwegian Wind Ensemble “Sketches Of Spain” Norwind 2007
Per Eriksen “Beat Repeat” Curling Legs 2007
Sinikka Langeland “Starflowers” ECM 2007
Listen! “Listen!” Schmell 2007
Live Maria Roggen “Circuit Songs” Jazzland 2007
Frode Haltli “Passing Images” ECM 2007

“Way Below the Surface” med Poolplayers

Blood Sweet Drum’n’Bass Big Band “Live Sessions with Arve Henriksen & Studio Recordings ‘Vocalised'” Calibrated 2006
Anne Lande & Per Hysby “Sakte Sanger” Park Grammofon 2006
V/A “Crime Scenes” Punkt 2006
Dhafer Youssef “Divine Shadows” Jazzland 2006
Torgeir Vassvik “Sáivu” Idut 2006
Jackman “Jackman” CCAP 2006
Yungchen Lhamo “Ama” Real World 2006

Iain Ballamy “Mirrormask OST” La-La Land Records 2005
Mosaic “Mitt Hjerte Alltid Vanker” Master Music 2005
Jon Balke Batagraf “Statements” ECM 2005
Kari Bremnes “Over En By” Kirkelig Kulturverksted 2005
Arild Andersen “Electra” ECM 2005
ost “Mirrormask” La-La Land Records 2005
In The Country “This Was The Pace Of My Heartbeat” Rune Grammofon 2005
Dada Group “Dada Project” Nordicae 2005
Imogen Heap “Speak For Yourself” RCA 2005

Kolbein Falkeid & Ketil Bjørnstad “Solskinnsdypet” Kirkelig Kulturverksted 2004
Oslo Chamber Choir “Kyst – Kust – Coast” Foootprint 2004
Stian Carstensen “Backwards Into The Backwoods” Winter & Winter 2004
Tore Bruvoll / Jon Anders Halvorsen “Nattsang” Heilo 2004

v/a “Money Will Ruin Everything” Rune Grammofon 2003
Silje Nergaard “Nightwatch” Emarcy/Universal 2003
Jørn Simen Øverli “Pengens Oppmuntrende Virkning” Kirkelig Kulturverksted 2003

Terje Isungset “Iceman Is” Jazzland 2002
Sinikka Langeland “Runoja” Grappa 2002
Wunderkammer “Today I Can Not Hear Music” Honeymilk 2002
Sondre Bratland Og Eidsvoll Storband “Sondre Bratland Og Eidsvoll Storband” 2002
Trygve seim, Øyvind Brække, Per Oddvar Johansen “The Source And Different Cikadas” ECM 2002
André Sumelius Lift “Kaira” Abovoice 2002
v/a “The 25th Ninth World Music Release” Ninth World Music 2002
ost “Sound Of Ocean” MTG 2002

Silje Nergaard “At First Light” Emarcy/Universal 2001
Cloroform “Scrawl” Cloroform 2001
Jacob Young “Glow” Curling Legs 2001
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions “Bavarian Fruit Bread” Rough Trade 2001
Kari Bremnes / Rikard Wolff “Desemberbarn” Kirkelig Kulturverksted 2001

Christian Wallumrød, Arve henriksen, Jang Bang, Erik Honoré “Birth Wish” Pan M 2000
v/a “Le Big Sloppy Kiss” Pan M 2000
Arve henriksen, Terje Isungset, Karl Seglem “Daa” NORCD 2000
Terje Isungset “Floating Rhythms” Via Music 2000
Per Eriksen “Beat Crazy” Curling Legs 2000
Motorpsycho “Let Them Eat Cake” Stickman/Columbia 2000

Anders Jormin “Silvae” Dragon 1999
v/a “Smak Av Himmel Spor Av Jord” Grappa 1999
D’Sound “Beauty Is A Blessing” Polydor 1998
Inge Åse “Crystalwaters” Self 1998
Quaternion “Timbuktu” Turn Left 1997
Terje Isungset “Reise” NORCD 1997
Jon Fosse, Karl Seglem “Prosa” NORCD 1996
Åsne Valland Nordli “Julekvad” Kirkelig Kulturverksted 1996
Jørn Simen Øverli “Russlands Hus” Kirkelig Kulturverksted 1996
Håvard Lund “Letters” Turn Left 1996
The Source “Of Christmas” Curling Legs 1995
Bjørn Alterhaug “Constellations” Odin 1991
Tre Små Kinesere “365 Fri” CBS 1990

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