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„World of Glass” – a unique Christmas concert by the European Capital of Culture, tickets on sale now

„World of Glass” is one of the most exciting interdisciplinary projects in the European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011 programme – the idea to make musical instruments from glass comes from the renowned Norwegian improvisational musiciansArve Henriksen and Terje Isungset. It is true that glass instruments have been used in music before, but more for effect and accent, not for forming a complete orchestra.
Madli-Liis Parts, the producer of this project and the Programme Coordinator of Foundation Tallinn 2011 explained the idea behind the „World of Glass”: „The proposal for collaboration seemed very appealing, because Arve and Terje are known as open-minded and experimental musicians who also value high quality in everything they do.”

As glass is a very fragile and demanding material and it was the first time for the musicians and artists to make musical instruments from glass, it took a year and a half to complete them. In addition to the appearance of the objects, it is also important whether the objects make the right sounds and whether the echo is long enough.

Parts said: „When looking at the stage, the objects may seem simple, but this impression is simply an illusion. First of all, we had to find glass that was of a suitable quality in terms of musical goals. For example, the artists had to get used to the specifics of the mouthpieces of the instruments, because this is essential for creating sounds of a good quality. We also had to make sure that the objects resembling brass instruments would not hurt the musicians` lips. The thickness of the material, measurements and holes in the right places are important when it comes to creating different sounds. Every millimetre counts.” By today, the artists have made nearly 30 objects which the musicians are planning to use on the stage of the Von Krahl Theatre in December.

The supervisors of the glass instruments` project are Eeva Käsperand Mare Saare. Glass instruments were made by lecturers of the Estonian Academy of Arts and glass artists Tiina Sarapu, Kristiina Uslar, Eve Koha, Eeva Käsper, Eero Vaikre and students of the Estonian Academy of Arts Andra Jõgis, Mikk Jäger, Külli Nidermann, Caspar Sild and Maarja Treufelt. The authors of the stage design and furniture are Tiina Sarapu ja Eeva Käsper.

The unique „World of Glass” concerts will be performed before Christmas only twice: on 20th and 21st December at 19 in the Von Krahl Theatre. Tickets: 13-18 euros, www.piletilevi.ee

“World of Glass” is one of the events that will end the year of the European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011. The partners of this event are the Estonian Academy of Arts and the Royal Norwegian Embassy.

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