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Arve Henriksen (vocals, trumpet); Ingar Zach (percussion); Jan Bang (sampler).

Paul Acket Award Winner: Arve HenriksenA Norwegian trumpeter-vocalist with a trio. Arve Henriksen (1968) studied at the Trondheim Conservatory from 1987-91 and has been active in the jazz scene since 1989. He has been doing so with so much flair, the ECM label was eager to sign him  for recordings with renowned stars like Trygve Seim and Christian Wallumröd. Henriksen is not easily intimidated; he just as easily performed with hard rock band Motorpsycho, as with koto player Stsuki Odamura or the avant-garde group of Ernst Reisiger. Folk, electronic or Japanese music, even modern sounds – he is deeply interested in everything, both as a performer and composer. Currently, Henriksen can often be seen performing with the band Supersilent and the Trygve Seim Ensemble. During this edition of the festival, we can also admire him playing with percussionist Ingar Zach and Jan Bang (live sampling), the latter of whom also produced Henriksen’s first album Cartography with the famous label ECM. It will soon be obvious: Arve Henriksen is the Winner of the Paul Acket Award 2011 for a very good reason!

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